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Sony: How mobile IoT is taking Sony’s smart tracking to the next level

Explore how Visilion from Sony supports companies in their logistics to keep critical goods flowing.


  • Visilion, an innovative service from Sony, is leading the way in futureproofing asset tracking devices with LTE-M connectivity technology enabling a long battery lifetime and superior global coverage. 
  • It is the perfect solution for companies that rely on real-time data to keep track of vital equipment or cargo in logistics.
  • Connected trackers give visibility and are physical trackers that customers can stick onto medical equipment or shipping crates or add to documentation in the shipping crate.
  • The logistics solution includes a web portal with intuitive user interface. Users can follow their shipments on a digital map and take care of alarms and calls to action.


The Visilion asset tracking and supply chain visibility solution was created by Sony Network Communications Europe, bringing IoT-based innovation to the logistics and healthcare sectors.

Companies rely on real-time data to keep track of vital equipment or cargo in logistics. A new value chain is being constructed around the ability to accurately track not only the location of goods but also their condition, with sensors collecting information on temperature, shock and tilt as required.

The Visilion platform grew out of a desire to make the greatest impact, based on studies of specific verticals. In order to understand where Sony’s advanced tracking technology could have the greatest positive impact, the development team studied several verticals. The resulting platform enables two different solutions – outdoor tracking for the logistics sector and indoor tracking for the healthcare sector.


With connected devices expected to rise from hundreds of millions to billions over the next few years, smart tracking is becoming a clear expectation for asset owners and companies transporting high-value goods. As traditional supply chains fight to address the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, access to real-time data is more vital than ever. Timely tracking is set to become an essential ingredient of future supply chains, enabling greater precision and an optimal combination of just-in-time and just-in case methodologies as well as productivity enhancements.


Today, Visilion’s outdoor tracking solution is operating mainly in transport and logistics, and its indoor solution is tracking equipment in the healthcare sector. Visilion not only enables visibility but also enables companies to understand and act on the data received from their devices. At the heart of Visilion’s offering are physical trackers that customers can affix to medical equipment or shipping crates. The trackers have a slim form factor, not just for aesthetic reasons but so they can be attached to equipment easily, or even slid into the document package which usually accompanies a cargo crate.


Visilion has enabled logistics customers to get control over their supply chain and keep deliveries of high-value or critical goods flowing smoothly.

Efficiency has improved and costs have been reduced by optimising transit times, inventory and delivery ETAs (estimated time of arrivals).The other benefits include greater control of theft and loss with alerts for route deviation, geo-fencing and detecting shock anomalies.

Healthcare customers have been enabled to find equipment immediately, provide better patient care, since staff are less stressed and no longer wasting time looking for equipment.

Productivity in companies has been improved by using data to verify workflow assumptions. With their technology solutions Visilion has ensured their customers have reliable connectivity to future-proof their logistics value chain, strengthen their customer service and build trust by providing detailed, real-time information about deliveries.

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