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IoT Logistics Case Studies

Explore our collection of IoT Case Studies in the logistics industry and discover the latest innovations and technologies being used to transform the way businesses operate. From tracking shipments and optimizing routes to reducing fuel consumption and enhancing security, the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing logistics in numerous ways. Our case studies showcase real-world examples of businesses using IoT to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage.

Browse through our selection and see how IoT is changing the game for the transport and logistics industry. Or why not explore IoT case studies from other industries?

Customer Cases Booklet

Download this PDF and explore a number of Telenor IoT customer case studies in industries like manufacturing, utilities, smart cities, automotive, security, transport & logistics and healthcare.
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PEOPLE: Delivering Sustainable Innovation to the Global Freight Industry

PEOPLE has developed the Container2.0, a connected shipping container that combines IoT and advanced analytics with eco-friendly attributes.
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M2Cloud: Creating the Next Generation of Pharmaceutical Supply Chains in South Korea

M2Cloud and Telenor Connexion have come together to connect the supply chain of South Korea’s leading pharmaceutical distributor to ensure vaccines and medicines arrive safely to health workers.
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Hitachi Construction Machinery Enables IoT Innovation with ConSite

Explore how HCM’s ConSite automatically monitors its fleet of connected machines.
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Sony’s IoT Asset Tracking Solution Enabled by LTE-M Connectivity

Visilion, an innovative service from Sony is tracking assets from spare parts on the Silk Road to ventilators in time-pressured hospitals globally.
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Astrata: Managed Connectivity to Propel Fleet Management Forward

Telenor Connexion provided managed connectivity to Astrata’s VanLinc. A platform rolled out for transport management in the rapidly growing Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) market in Europe.
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Smart Shipping Containers on the Silk Road

CIMC’s smart shipping containers report location and status in real time. Find out how Telenor Connexion keeps CIMC containers connected around the world.
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Bornemann: Smarter, Cost Effective Fleet Management

Bornemann provides their fleet customers digital tools to improve operations.
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Scania: Rolling along Smoothly

Explore how Scania offer best-in-class commercial vehicle and fleet services.
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