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IoT Use Cases: Explore Industry Success Stories

As industry leaders in global IoT solutions, Telenor IoT help transforming products into valuable connected solutions. Explore how connected products unlock a competitive edge across diverse industries like smart cities, utilities, and manufacturing. Gain insights from detailed IoT use cases featuring global managed connectivity solutions.

IoT Use Cases in the Automotive Industry

Connected Vehicle Technology Drives Automation Forward

IoT is on the road to lower emissions, optimized journeys and enhanced driver safety and behaviors thanks to connected vehicle technology.
Connected Vehicle Technology

EV Telematics Eliminates Range Anxiety

Optimize charging, improve efficiency and aid planning and routing with real-time data and insights.
EV Telematics

IoT Use Cases in Logistics

The Power of Fleet Telematics

Optimize routes, improve efficiency, and ensure safety with real-time data and insights.
Fleet telematics

Deliver Value With Cold Chain Management

Reduce wastage and ensure sensitive shipments arrive in perfect condition with IoT-powered cold chain monitoring. Explore more in this IoT use case.
Cold Chain Management

Optimize Warehouse Operations with Forklift Telematics

Reach for a higher standard with maximized uptime, enhanced safety and optimized utilization of your forklift fleet.
Forklift Telematics

Heavy Equipment Telematics Ensures Safe Operations

Operating life, user safety and machine availability can all be enhanced with connected data.
Heavy Equipment Telematics

IoT Use Cases in Manufacturing

IoT Predictive Maintenance Minimizes Unplanned Downtime

Eliminate unplanned outages, reduce maintenance impacts on productivity and enhance safety with IoT-based predictive maintenance.
IoT Predictive Maintenance

IoT Use Cases in Utilities

Smart Grid IoT Balances Supply with Demand

Smart grids are helping to balance generation from renewables with demand for electricity to reduce emissions and support user needs.
Smart Grid IoT

Smart Metering Technology Sets the Scene for Sustainability

Real-time communication of consumption data is giving energy utilities the visibility they need to reduce wasted generation and prevent brown-outs.
Smart Metering IoT

How IoT in Energy Helps Deliver Sustainable Power

New demands and new ways of generating energy are being supported by IoT connectivity to enable the next generation of the energy industry.
IoT Energy

IoT Use Cases for Smart Cities

Smart Waste Management Cleans Up with IoT Connectivity

How smart waste management is relying on IoT connectivity to improve citizens' lives and the efficiency of cities.
Smart waste management

Telenor IoT Customer Stories

Customer Cases Booklet

Download this PDF and explore a number of Telenor IoT customer case studies in industries like manufacturing, utilities, smart cities, automotive, security, transport & logistics and healthcare.
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Telenor IoT´s Customer Stories

Explore our IoT case studies and learn how our customers have leveraged connectivity to gain a competitive edge and create one-of-a-kind experiences.
IoT Case Studies

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Over 20 years, Telenor IoT has partnered with industry leaders to develop cutting-edge IoT solutions. 

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Successful global IoT deployments require pioneering IoT solutions. Gain insights on how connected products unlock value and deliver a competitive edge in these comprehensive use cases. Telenor IoT is working with many verticals. Explore detailed IoT use cases with global managed connectivity solutions for verticals such as smart cities, utilities, automotive, and industrial manufacturing, as well as transport and logistics.

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