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Here’s a collection of resources to help you succeed with connected products and IoT. Whether you are looking for quick insights or a deep dive, we’re happy to share the knowledge we have collected in our two decades of working with IoT.  


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Our team shares how IoT can be applied to enable innovation and solve challenges in business and society. Explore all things connected here!
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Join us on our webinar and events, where we share knowledge and practical insights about IoT.
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Welcome to our press page! Here, you’ll find our collected press materials: press releases, news and videos along with images and logotypes for download.
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Top Downloaded Resources

Connectivity Technologies for IoT

Selecting the most suitable connectivity technology is one of the critical decisions that enterprises need to make in their IoT launch strategy as reliable connectivity is a key component in an IoT solution. Find out more in our report.
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5G and IoT: What Can 5G Do for IoT Business

Now is the right time to prepare for 5G. Here we look beyond the hype and explore the reality of what 5G means for enterprises deploying connected solutions on mobile networks now and in the future.
5G white paper

LTE-M vs NB-IoT – A Guide Exploring the Differences between LTE-M and NB-IoT

Read our guide on how to choose between LTE-M and NB-IoT. Connectivity is a crucial part of product design and performance and the choice of connectivity technology must be considered early in the process.
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2G and 3G Sunset: What It Means for IoT Connectivity

Download our free white paper and explore what enterprises need to know about the sunsetting of 2G/3G networks and how best to prepare.
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A guide to eUICC

Unsure what the difference is between eSIM and eUICC? Where can it be used? And are there any benefits? Download our white paper to answer these questions and more about the technology.
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From Product to Connected Product-as-a-Service

A guide to transforming the business model through IoT - from selling a product to providing a connected Product-as-a-Service. Download our in-depth report.
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How IoT Helps in Manufacturing

Lean production, new services and consumer loyalty – explore the future of IoT and industrial manufacturing and the benefits of industrial IoT.
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The Future of Electric Vehicle Charging

IoT plays a critical role in fueling the EV charging revolution. In this white paper we explore the charging market, the underlying trends, and why connectivity is fundamental to the future success of EV charging stations.
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IoT and the Benefits of Smart Manufacturing

Explore the benefits of IoT in smart manufacturing and connected machinery, and learn how Telenor Connexion works with industrial machine manufacturers to integrate IoT technologies.
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What Is IoT? - A Guide to IoT Terminology

What is IoT? - IoT Definitions

Over 185 IoT terms and technologies explained.

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What Is IoT? – IoT Connections

What are IoT connections? An overview of IoT connection types and IoT devices.
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What is IoT? - IoT Communications

What are the communication protocols used by IoT? An overview over common IoT protocols.
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What Is IoT? – IoT Security

What are the IoT security risks, considerations and issues for the near future?
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What Is IoT? – The IoT Market

An overview of the IoT market and its economic development.
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Interactive Guides

Interactive Guide to LTE-M and NB-IoT

Are you finding it hard to decide if LTE-M or NB-IoT is the right choice for your connected devices? Complete a 5-minute questionnaire online and receive a unique recommendation based on your answers from our IoT experts.
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IoT Readiness Test

Our IoT Readiness Test will help you determine where your organisation is today and what steps you need to take to develop and deploy successful IoT solutions.
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Technology & Trends

Technology & Trends

All around us, the pace of change is accelerating. Explore how industries are adapting and learn about the technologies leading the way, now and into the future.
IoT technology & trends

IoT Connectivity

An overview of IoT connectivity with definition, key technologies and a comparison of the main technologies.
IoT connectivity

What Does 5G Mean for IoT?

A look at 5G including 5G definition, key benefits and opportunities for IoT.

What Does eSIM Mean for IoT?

An overview of the eSIM including eSIM definition, benefits for IoT and eSIM adoption.

LTE-M Technology

An overview of LTE-M with LTE-M definition, drivers, adoption, use cases and deployment.

Mobile vs WiFi: An IoT Comparison

When developing IoT products, there are lots of important decisions to consider — including the type of connectivity. Wi-Fi and mobile network connectivity are two of the most popular. Here we explore the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Mobile vs WiFi

Evolution of Mobile Technology

Mobile technology evolves to meet ever increasing demands and rising specification requirements. Here we trace the evolution of mobile technology and present our forecast for the future.
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IoT Trends & Predictions

A look at recent IoT trends & predictions and a collection of our Internet of Things Trends reports.
IoT trends