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A Guide to the Future of Electric Vehicle Charging

IoT plays a critical role in fuelling the EV charging revolution. In this white paper, we explore the charging market, the underlying trends, and why connectivity is fundamental to the future success of EV charging stations.

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The EU has declared an ambition of having one million public charging points in 2025, achieving a ratio of ten EVs per charging station and aims to have between three and four million charging points across the continent by 2030 to meet growing demand that it estimates will see 44 million EVs on European roads.

There is an obvious need for charging point deployments to speed up to meet these targets.

This guide, intended for C-level executives, decision makers as well as those interested in the underlying trends shaping the IoT industry, explores how and why charging station operators need to optimize and future-proof their operations now, or risk being left behind.

Telenor IoT – Unlocking the Future of Energy Management

Telenor IoT with its 20 years of IoT experience and automotive, payment and energy heritage is ideally positioned to provide global connectivity, the cloud platform and service excellence tools that are needed to underpin the performance of chargers.

Our experience of global mass deployment of connected products means we are ready to provide connectivity for the millions of smart chargers being deployed across the world and to help connect greener more efficient vehicles to the charging capability that is essential.