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IoT Case Studies in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is one of the pioneers and leaders in adopting the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. By connecting cars, parts, and devices to the internet, automakers can enhance their operations and customer experiences. From smart manufacturing to connected vehicles, IoT offers a range of opportunities for automakers and drivers alike. Here, we present some of the most inspiring IoT use cases and case studies in the automotive industry.

If you want to learn how IoT can help you transform your automotive business and create value for your customers, read on. Or why not explore IoT case studies from other industries?

Control: Pioneering Motorsport Telemetry

Discover how Control, a leader in cellular telemetry for motorsport, joined forces with Telenor IoT to redefine connectivity for elite endurance racing teams and vehicle manufacturers.
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Giken Mobility: Driving Electric Motorcycle Innovation through Connectivity

Explore the collaboration between Giken Mobility and Telenor IoT and learn how connecting electric motorcycles is improving micromobility and enhancing rider experiences.
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ChargeNode: Optimizing EV Charging

ChargeNode is using Telenor IoT’s managed connectivity to offer more intelligent and complex charging stations. Explore how ChargeNode is improving efficiency and customer satisfaction at its connected charging stations.
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Koenigsegg: From the Racetrack to the Road

Developing the world’s finest megacars takes a lot more than providing tremendous acceleration, record-setting top-speeds and eye-catching looks. Learn more about the cutting-edge automaker and what makes Koenigsegg exceptional.
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RGNT Electric Motorcycles: Staying Connected in Style

RGNT Motorcycle AB, a Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer, has launched two new connected motorcycles that aims to disrupt the transportation industry.
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Customer Success Stories

Explore a number of IoT customer cases within manufacturing, utilities & smart cities, automotive, security, transport & logistics and healthcare.
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Volvo: On a Brand New Highway of Connectivity

Explore how Volvo Cars provide world-class connected car experiences.
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