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Control: Pioneering Motorsport Telemetry

Discover how Control, a leader in cellular telemetry for motorsport, joined forces with Telenor IoT to redefine connectivity for elite endurance racing teams and vehicle manufacturers.

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In the high-octane world of motorsport, precision and performance are paramount. Control, a pioneer in cellular telemetry systems for endurance racing, recognized the need for an ultra-reliable connectivity partner to take their game-changing solutions to the next level. This led to a groundbreaking partnership with Telenor IoT, setting new standards in the world of motorsport telemetry.

Endurance racing demands exceptional performance, and Control’s race winning telemetry has become a game-changer in the industry. Their mission to deliver precise, real-time data in the most challenging racing conditions sparked a journey that led to the creation of the TLM-P1 Evo, a groundbreaking multi-modem telemetry device.

Technologically, these devices harness the power of not one but three 5G/LTE modems, each equipped with a Telenor Autograde SIM ensuring seamless connectivity to multiple cell towers and networks around the track. This innovation, backed by Telenor IoT’s managed connectivity, has been trailblazing for racing teams globally.


Control’s journey has taken them to some of the world’s most renowned racetracks, in race series from FIA WEC to IMSA, providing telemetry solutions that enable elite racing teams and vehicle manufacturers to track the performance, reliability, and safety of their vehicles. At the core of Control’s solution is Telenor IoT’s roaming SIM, offering global telemetry coverage and the ability to race confidently in multiple countries with a single system, ensuring resilience and superior coverage.

“In the world of endurance racing, where performance is everything, our partnership with Telenor IoT has been industry leading. We depend on ultra reliable connectivity, a wide selection of roaming networks, modern API access and carrier-level tooling for problem solving, all made available to us through this collaboration, to provide unwavering support to our customers and offer unrivaled global telemetry coverage. Telenor’s exceptional connectivity empowers us to offer a unified product that works seamlessly worldwide, enabling our customers to race anywhere, anytime, and confidently aim for the podium. Together with Telenor IoT, we’re redefining what’s possible in motorsport connectivity.” Nathan Sanders Technical Director, Control Race Winning Telemetry


The world of endurance racing is unforgiving, with connectivity challenges that demand cutting-edge solutions. Racing teams require ultra-reliable connectivity and a wide selection of roaming networks. Control’s vision was to provide unwavering support to their customers, offering unrivaled global telemetry coverage, but achieving this in the demanding motorsport environment was no small feat.


The partnership with Telenor IoT was ground-breaking for Control. Telenor IoT’s managed connectivity provided the essential reliability, seamless roaming and connectivity to multiple networks along with API access for automation and carrier level tools for problem solving enabling Control to offer a unified product that works seamlessly worldwide. This partnership redefined what is possible in motorsport connectivity, and the results have been nothing but exceptional.


The collaboration between Control and Telenor IoT has significant benefits:

Ultra-Reliable Connectivity: Telenor IoT’s connectivity has empowered Control to provide precise, real-time data, even in the most demanding racing conditions. This ultra-reliable connection ensures that racing teams have access to critical information when it matters most.

Global Telemetry Coverage: With Telenor IoT’s managed connectivity, Control’s customers can confidently aim for the podium, regardless of their racing location. The partnership offers unrivaled telemetry coverage, enabling teams to compete worldwide with complete peace of mind.

Resilience and Superior Coverage: Telenor IoT’s roaming SIM has proven to be a cornerstone of Control’s success. It ensures the resilience and superior network coverage needed for racing environments, even at speeds of 270 km/h. This resilience guarantees that critical data reaches teams without interruption, regardless of the challenges posed by the track.


The benefits of this collaboration are clearly reflected in the outstanding results it has produced:

  • Cutting-Edge Telemetry: The partnership with Telenor IoT allowed Control to deliver innovative telemetry solutions that operate flawlessly, even at high speeds, providing precise, real-time data in the harshest racing conditions.
  • Global Telemetry Coverage: Thanks to Telenor IoT’s managed connectivity, Control’s customers can race confidently anywhere in the world, with unrivaled telemetry coverage.
  • Resilience and Superior Coverage: Telenor IoT’s roaming SIM has proven to be a critical component of Control’s success, delivering network connectivity at the level required by elite racing teams, overcoming network challenges in milliseconds, ensuring critical data reaches the teams.
  • Revolutionizing Motorsport Connectivity: The partnership between Control and Telenor IoT has redefined what is possible in motorsport connectivity, setting new standards for precision, reliability, and global coverage. It has opened possibilities for leveraging similar service levels in other verticals worldwide.
  • Leading-Edge Solutions: The multi-modem TLM-P1 Evo, equipped with Telenor Autograde SIMs, is a testament to the groundbreaking technology developed through this partnership. With the switching between networks managed directly on the device, up to 15 times a second, Control’s telemetry solution offers uninterrupted data flow, even in the most challenging conditions.
  • Enhanced Performance: The partnership has enabled Control to empower racing teams to make real-time decisions on the track, enhancing their performance and contributing to their success in endurance racing.
  • Enduring Connectivity: Telenor IoT’s managed connectivity has proven to be a paradigm-shift, showcasing its reliability and resilience even on the most challenging racetracks. The enduring capabilities of roaming, highlighted through this partnership, have far-reaching applications beyond motorsport, opening the door to innovative solutions in various verticals worldwide.

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