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The IoT Platform That Simplifies IoT Deployments

Telenor IoT’s Connectivity Management Platform simplifies large-scale IoT deployments worldwide by providing an unmatched IoT Portal, enabling effortless implementation, management, and scalability from a single, unified platform. It is the ultimate solution for global enterprises seeking a reliable, secure, and efficient way to deploy, optimize, and manage IoT connectivity around the world.

Deploy, Optimize, and Manage Connectivity Around the World with Ease

The platform offers simplicity, easy deployment, and real-time monitoring of millions of IoT devices, providing data for informed decision-making and improved efficiency. Our comprehensive solution combines automation, diagnostics, billing, and reporting, all through a single interface, making it easy to manage and monitor IoT devices, receive notifications, and gain valuable insights into operations.

Smart Alerts

Automated subscription monitoring.

Subscription Management

Automated subscription adaptation.

Intelligent Cost Control

Automated and intelligent cost control.

Connected API Systems

Seamless technology stack integration.

The Features of Telenor’s Cutting-Edge IoT Connectivity Platform

The service enables customers to monitor device performance, track usage, manage SIM cards, and configure devices remotely, allowing them to make data-driven decisions about their IoT solutions. The portal contains a rule engine that allows you to easily define rules and the corresponding automatic actions.

Using our IoT Connectivity Management Platform users gain control throughout the different stages in their IoT-enabled solution.

Automated Alerts and Actions

Our IoT Connectivity Platform eliminates the need for manual subscription monitoring. You can receive notifications and prevent misuse by taking appropriate actions when a device is changed, IMEI is not within a specified range, or does not match the assigned device. Our system can send notifications via email and STOMP, deactivate subscriptions, pause subscriptions, or terminate them.

Life Cycle Management

Our Connectivity Management Platform for IoT automates actions to adapt subscriptions to the product’s life cycle and detect faulty devices. You can receive notifications via email, pause subscriptions, deactivate subscriptions, change subscription packages, or terminate subscriptions.

Cost Prevention

Our IoT Connectivity Management Service automates cost control by defining thresholds for data usage and reacting when they’re reached. You can monitor SIM card usage with automated notifications and triggers to identify unexpected problems and bring costs under control.

API Integration

Our Connectivity Management Platform offers API integration with existing systems, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your IoT deployment with your existing technology stack. The platform support easy-to-use REST APIs.

Developer Portal

The developer portal offers a comprehensive suite of tools that allow developers to build, test, and deploy IoT applications seamlessly. Our portal comes with SDKs, APIs, and other resources that make it easy for developers to integrate their applications with our platform.

See How the IoT Connectivity Platform Simplifies Management

Take control of your entire IoT fleet with ease! This comprehensive demo showcases the self-service features of Telenor´s IoT Portal. Learn how to automate subscriptions, trigger actions based on device data, analyze reports, and manage your entire ecosystem – all within a user-friendly platform.

Play Video about Demo IOT Management Portal

This video, produced in September 2022, showcases the product features that were available at that time.

Security by Design

Telenor IoT, our solutions and services are fully compliant with the latest requirements of GDPR and ISO 27001, ensuring that your data is protected, and your organization meets the latest legal regulations. We utilize the expertise of Telenor Group’s large security and architecture team to provide security by design.

Read more about ISO 27001 and Security by Design Architecture
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