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IoT Case Studies in Smart Cities

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way cities operate and deliver services to their citizens. By connecting various devices and systems to the internet, cities can leverage data and insights to improve urban planning, transportation, energy, environment, safety, and more. Here, we share some of the most impressive IoT use cases and case studies in smart cities. See how IoT can help you develop smart parking meters that optimize parking availability and revenue, home automation systems that enhance comfort and security, and other innovative solutions that make your city smarter and more sustainable.

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Customer Cases Booklet

Download this PDF and explore a number of Telenor IoT customer case studies in industries like manufacturing, utilities, smart cities, automotive, security, transport & logistics and healthcare.
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Waste Vision: Improved Waste Separation and Optimized Logistics

Waste Vision – a global leader in smart waste solutions – is enabling cities and businesses to cost-efficiently manage the waste lifecycle, while also improving the environment and well-being of citizens, using IoT.
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Länsförsäkringar: Water Leak Detection using IoT

How does a company in a traditional industry transform to become more relevant to its customers? Get help from IoT of course!
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Ningbo Sanxing Smart Electric: Connecting around 1 Million Smart Meters in the Nordics

Learn how two global leaders have come together to share expertise and create a more sustainable society through smart meters.
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Capelon: Smart City IoT Applications for a Greener World

Find out how Capelon is connecting everything in a city from parking meters to garbage cans to the "lights' internet".
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Anticimex: Pest Control Using IoT with Connected Traps

Anticimex successfully launched connected traps, gaining higher efficiency and increased customer experience in an environmentally friendly way. Find out how it has used IoT to create greater business value.
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Why Digital Signage Needs IoT

Plug and play display – explore the future of IoT and digital signage.
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Swegon: Smart Buildings Create Significant Energy Savings

With an IoT-enabled climate control system, Swegon is selling air quality-as-a-service.
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Verisure: Bringing Home Smart Services

Learn how Verisure provide their customers peace of mind.
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More IoT Cases and Examples

Use Case

Smart Waste Management Cleans Up with IoT Connectivity

How smart waste management is relying on IoT connectivity to improve citizens' lives and the efficiency of cities.
Smart waste management

15 IoT Examples for Business Applications

The IoT, or Internet of Things, is all around us, from consumer IoT applications such as connected cars and wearables to robotic lawn movers. But what about industrial or smart city IoT examples, that might not get much hype, but provide real benefits?
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