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Experiment with applications, modules and beta offering in a controlled radio environment coupled with live core network.
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In the Telenor Test Facility, our customers can test and verify that their IoT device and application works as designed.

The lab consists of three isolated chambers where Telenor can bring in live networks to reproduce real customer scenarios. Telenor can even bring in live networks from Denmark, Norway and Finland, a capability that can be used to accurately examine how a device and application really behaves in edge roaming scenarios. Currently Telenor can offer 2G/3G/LTE and LTE-M, with NB-IoT and 5G coming up next in the roadmap.

Telenor will always customize the tests based on the customer’s needs and requirements. Typical test scenarios that our customers can verify in Telenor Test Facility are:

  • Basic functionality and signaling testing
  • Handover tests between technologies/RAT and operators
  • Back off test (Data)
  • Low coverage test
  • BTS/nodeB power loss and return test
  • And much more

IoT Test Lab Product Description

Detailed description of our Test Lab offering.
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