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The Telenor IoT Test Lab is your trusted resource for verifying the reliability and performance of your IoT devices before deployment. We offer a comprehensive testing environment that replicates real-world network conditions and scenarios, helping you identify and address potential issues early on.

Why Choose Telenor IoT Test Lab? Unmatched Control for Flawless IoT Performance

Multi-Operator Test

Test on the networks of all four Nordic Telenor operators from a single location. Ensure seamless connectivity for your globally deployed devices.

Precise Control

Fine-tune network conditions. We offer precise control over signal strength, operator selection, and technology access

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the knowledge of our experienced test managers. Receive support throughout the testing process, ensuring you get the most out of the testing.

Flexible Options

Choose from on-site, remote, or managed testing services to suit your specific needs and project requirements.

The cellular world is constantly evolving with new technologies, for example, LTE-M, NB-IoT, and 5G. These technologies add complexity and create more scenarios where profiling and tuning are required to extract the optimal performance for your use case. In these cases, a controlled test environment that provides a consistent, configurable, and repeatable cellular environment is essential. The Telenor IoT Test Lab is the perfect place to verify your IoT solution.

Your Competitive Advantage: Accelerate Time to Market, Minimize Risk, Optimise Costs

Faster Time to Market

Identify and resolve potential issues early on, accelerating your path to deployment and market launch.

Reduced Risk

Ensure your devices are ready for real-world challenges before they reach your customers, minimizing risk and potential setbacks.

Optimise Costs

Minimize rework and delays with upfront testing, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient development process.

A Deeper Look: The Essential Tool for Optimizing Your Cellular IoT Solution

Telenor IoT Test Lab is located in Karlskona, Sweden. Our lab is equipped with an shielded radio cage tuned specifically for cellular testing. It provides access to the four Nordic Telenor operators, Telenor Sweden, Norway, DNA (Finland) and Denmark in one location. It has advanced steering and control systems allowing control of the available operator, access technology and even signal levels, allowing us to create most network scenarios required in a controlled and repeatable way.

Play Video about Virtual tour Telenor IoT Test Lab

Get a quick look at our facilities and the Telenor IoT Test Lab in this 10-minute video. Want to go deeper? Watch our 40-minute webinar.

Typical Use Cases

  • At what signal level does the device deregister from the network? How does the device behave if the primary network disappears? Does it fail over to another technology or operator? How fast does it recover?
  • Does the device follow the GSMA recommendations regarding Efficiency guidelines?
  • How energy efficient is the device in various network conditions and signal strength?
  • How will the device handle different roaming scenarios, including international roaming?

Test Lab Workflow: Seamless Collaboration Ensures Efficient Testing

Collaborate with our experts to plan your tests, prepare your device (if applicable), define test cases, run the tests, and receive your results.

Telenor IoT Test lab workflow

Networks and Technologies: Real-World Testing with Comprehensive Network Control

Test Packages: Streamline Your Testing with Pre-defined and Custom Cases

Test packages are available to get you started or you can define your own in collaboration with our experts. Existing test packages include Basic function and signaling, eUICC, PSM/eDRX (profiling/tuning), VoLTE, Handover, and Customer-specific tests.

Security by Design

At Telenor IoT, our solutions and services are fully compliant with the latest requirements of GDPR and ISO 27001, ensuring that your data is protected, and your organization meets the latest legal regulations. We utilize the expertise of Telenor Group’s large security and architecture team to provide security by design.

Read more about ISO 27001 and Security by Design Architecture

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