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IoT Analytics Tools: Gain Actionable Insights from Your IoT Devices

Telenor IoT offers a suite of analytics services that help customers extract valuable insights from their IoT projects. IoT Connect, our Managed Connectivity service, provides reliable and secure access to analytics services that help turn data into value. From standard reports to advanced data analytics, we provide tailored solutions that enable you to understand data points specific to your needs and market.

Harness the Power of Data with Telenor IoT's Advanced IoT Data Analytics

Standard Reports

Reports on topics including traffic statistics, subscriptions state information, and the latest activities that the network is experiencing.

Customized Data Analysis

Tailored insights for customers. This might be to understand preferences in a particular market or how connectivity is used by categories of devices.

Advanced Analytics

In-depth analysis for complex or specific needs.

Make Data-Led Decision-Making Work for You

Turn data points into IoT value. At Telenor IoT, we aggregate, combine, visualize, and analyze IoT and network data, providing richer, more in-depth, and multi-sourced data points to aid decision-making. Our IoT analytics tools are highly sophisticated and can process various sources of data to achieve valuable findings. Customers can subscribe to APIs to build their analytics-fueled outcomes or use our team of experts to analyze the data to help extract value.

Our Real-Time IoT Analytics Platform

Our Real-Time IoT Data Analytics Platform is now on its third generation and has been in operation since mid-2015. We feed the platform with more than a billion events per day, including:

  • Control-plane signaling
  • Traffic records
  • Subscription state changes
  • SIM orders
  • and other data streams.

The data is enriched in near real-time with usage data, operator/network data, modem type, SIM states and actions, and base station geo-coordinates.

Our machine learning engine detects anomaly patterns in the connectivity experience, allowing our Service Operations Centre to quickly identify and resolve issues. Additionally, we can support customers in improving their device behavior, monitoring performance, identifying issues proactively, supporting rollout plans for new radio technologies, and providing expert insights into specific challenges.

IoT Expert Support

The power of Telenor's global network is backed up with personal and proactive 24/7 monitoring and support from our dedicated team of specialists.
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Data Insights in Product Development

We believe that data insights drive product development. Our IoT analytics platform feeds our products with valuable insights to ensure continuous improvement and development.

IoT Data Analytics and Security

The Real-Time IoT Analytics Platform employs multiple layers of security, including secure communication protocols, advanced firewalls, and intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Security by Design

At Telenor IoT, our solutions and services are fully compliant with the latest requirements of GDPR and ISO 27001, ensuring that your data is protected, and your organization meets the latest legal regulations. We utilize the expertise of Telenor Group’s large security and architecture team to provide security by design.

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Our data platform collects billions of events per day and runs many thousands of online machine learning models to automatically detect issues in our roaming partners network as well as customer integrations. It empowers us to do detailed troubleshooting, provide insights on life cycle management, as well as work tactically and strategically using data and advanced analytics. Data is magic. Anders Bresell Head of Data, Telenor Connexion
Telenor - A Trustworthy Partner in the Digitalization Journey
Telenor has solid knowledge in managed IoT connectivity and diligently deals with client requests and needs. The Telenor “can do” attitude, customer centricity, competent service and delivery organization take away major concerns for the clients in their IoT journey as well as speed up the product launches. A Product Manager in the Manufacturing Industry
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Communications Cost Validation Is Telenor
Expertise with moderate cost is the main feature of Telenor service provider. Telenor is the first service provider which actually brought all other competitors on the floor. Telenor helped the customers to actually understand the cost of communication. An R&D Engineer in the Automotive Industry
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Good Global M2M Competency and Support
We learned a great deal from Telenor’s experience about providing global connectivity that helped our global deployment. 24/7 support it provides also helps quickly resolve any technical issues, while a dedicated Account Manager has direct responsibility for the relationship with us. Telenor was reluctant to collaborate with 3rd party players to solve technical issues earlier, but we see an improvement in this today. A General Manager in the IT Solution Centre in the Manufacturing Industry
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Professional account management team, patient with our processes and always trying to be flexible to meet our needs. A Procurement Manager in the Software Industry
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Top Quality IoT Services
Telenor is very professional and easy to work with and offers innovative qualitative solutions that are at the forefront of the market. A General Manager in the Software Industry
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