Telenor IoT Complete

End-to-end IoT infrastructure for connected products – as a service. A complete package including certified connectivity devices to end-user interface, and everything in between.

Device Platform

Ready-to-deploy devices with configurable firmware and optimized connectivity to reliably transfer data to your destination

Management Portal

Configure, order, manage and monitor your complete connected solution from one place and take full control of cost and operations

Configurable Application

Quickly set-up your first end-user application and kickstart your connected journey with no coding and only configuration

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Faster Deployments

Traditional multi-supplier IoT solutions can be costly, time-consuming, and complex to manage. With Telenor IoT Complete, your end-to-end infrastructure is built and managed under one roof. From pre-certified connectivity devices to end-user interface, and everything in between. In a matter of weeks, with configuration only, you will bring your connected product from concept to market – with all the monitoring and management tools needed for successful operation over time. IoT Complete helps you spend less time and energy on sourcing and development and more on what really makes the difference, getting in front of customers to drive your business ideas and executing your transformation to design and sell digital services.

Reduced Complexity

Managing IoT solutions with multiple suppliers can be a daunting task. Telenor IoT Complete simplifies everything by providing a single partner responsible for your entire connectivity chain. Experience improved cost predictability, clear-cut accountability, and effortless troubleshooting. Say goodbye to coordination headaches and gain peace of mind knowing that we’ll keep your solutions connected and your data flowing securely.

In a matter of weeks, you can bring your connected product from concept to market – with all the monitoring and management tools needed for successful operation over time.

Higher Uptime

In today’s digital era, high-quality connectivity is key to generating value from connected products. Dependence on locally managed networks is no longer acceptable. IoT Complete ensures the best possible uptime by granting your connected products access to 500+ mobile networks worldwide. With operator-unique insights on network quality, we optimize your product’s connectivity, and our health monitoring service empowers you to stay in control. Any disturbances are swiftly reported through monitoring APIs, enabling you to take immediate action.

IoT Complete Enables You to:

Focus on your core business with end-to-end connectivity management by Telenor IoT.

Deploy products faster with complete, ready-to-configure IoT infrastructure.

Optimize quality with unique network optimization and health monitoring.

Simplify management and administration with dedicated management tools built for connected products.

IoT Complete is more than a connectivity shortcut. It empowers companies to focus on the most important aspect of IoT: how to maximize value for their customers. Niklas AgerhemHead of IoT Complete

Why Choose Telenor IoT Complete?

IoT Complete is a unique integrated service for companies looking to connect their products faster, easier, and with better quality. A single subscription can cover hardware, quality-assured mobile connectivity, and end-user applications – you decide and configure the set-up to match your need. A unique offering that is hard to match.

No Development.
All Configurations

Select your hardware, choose your services, configure your firmware, define data destination, set-up your user interface in a few clicks. Now your solution is good to go.

All-Inclusive Service Commitment

IoT Complete is built to keep your products connected and running the way you intend. This is also the scope of our Service Level Agreement – from beginning to end.

Flexible Choice
of Services

Your needs will vary by product and over time. With IoT Complete you can easily set up the services you need for each subscription – and adjust it anytime.

Start Small,
Scale Fast

Our device platform is built for scale but allows for a quick start. Get going with standard versions and continue seamless with embedded versions or optimized board layouts.

Manage Your
Own Product

Move away from just managing SIM cards or devices. Instead enjoy the opportunity to manage the full subscription tied to your connected product – from a single pane of glass.

Works with any
Cloud Service

Simple configuration of payload data destination with support for various protocols puts you in full control of where to send your data – easy and future proofed.

Cost Tracking

Complete cost transparency to keep you in full control. Quickly analyze cost or usage data: by month, product, or geography and simulate new scenarios in seconds.

Easy Integration to
your Business

Adjusting your set-up has never been easier. Define delivery addresses, split invoices, or configure order templates – making life a breeze for your operations.

No Lock-In

We would hate to see you leave and will go the extra mile to earn your trust to stay. Still, IoT Complete is designed with needed mechanisms to secure your safe exit.

Let’s Connect

Contact us, and let’s discuss your business challenges and what IoT Complete can do for your enterprise. Request a demo or a quote for a test period of IoT Complete today.