IoT Solutions for the Utilities Industry

If you offer smart meters and solutions for smart homes and smart grids, we can help you serve customers around the world. Explore our IoT solutions for the utilities industry.

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What We Offer for Utilities

Based on our long history of working with pioneering utilities players and IoT energy solution providers, we can help you roll out scalable, stable and secure connected solutions that meet your needs for coverage, quality and total cost of ownership.

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Wherever your solutions are installed, IoT Connect, our Managed Connectivity services, provides you access to the best quality cellular connection, based on availability and the needs of your use case. Our Global IoT SIM cards can be pre-integrated to simplify your rollout, installation and lifecycle management.

We take care of all the agreements with local operators so you don’t have to. Using our extensive global roaming network, your connected solutions will connect to networks out of the box in nearly every market in the world. In countries where roaming is not available due to regulation, we can help you find viable solutions (including eUICC technology) together with our established local operator partners. You can get more detailed information regarding eUICC in our guide “the eUICC (eSIM) in large-scale IoT deployments”.

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IoT Made Easy

We provide everything you need to successfully deploy and manage connected products and solutions that serve the evolving utilities industry. Together with our partner network, we provide an end-to-end solution, from concept and design to monetization and operation over time. At the core of that end-to-end offering are IoT Connect, Telenor´s Managed Connectivity services and IoT Complete, Telenor´s end-to-end connectivity service.

Why Do Top Smart Energy Enterprises Rely on Us?

Mobile Network Connectivity for Utilities

Mobile networks are well-tested and aren’t going away anytime soon. Our mobile IoT connectivity solution gives you access to well established global networks which use licensed radio spectrum, free of disturbances and congestion from competing networks. Mobile technology offers a range of services from LPWA to 5G, meeting various use cases and requirements on speed and latency.

Managed Connectivity allows you to conquer the complexity of IoT, we can help you simplify the development, rollout and management of your connected solutions. With our solution, your solutions use the best available mobile networks to securely connect to your network or the internet. 

Why Mobile IoT?

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For two decades, we have helped leading utility operators and solution providers succeed with pioneering IoT solutions. Learn more about their strategies, and how you can succeed with IoT in utilities.

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How Can Our IoT Solutions Help Your Utility Business?

With a lifespan of up to 20 years, smart meters must endure environmental impact such as temperature, humidity and corrosion. To keep costs low, we create smart metering IoT solutions that are easy to install, and durable enough to minimise costly revisits.

Smart meter definition
A smart meter in a house or building that measures electricity, gas, or water consumption. It is termed ‘smart’ because it responds to usage and will increase or decrease flow according to the general consumption data from the utility company as well as the individuals within the building.

Smart meters must be adaptable to new technologies and requirements over their entire lifespan. We provide smart metering IoT solutions that can integrate legacy technology, while allowing remote upgrades in order to meet future needs.

Our IoT smart meter solutions are designed to protect against unwanted access to connected assets, and to respond quickly when threats are detected.

Smart meters for residential properties can easily be added to existing cellular infrastructure. The direct communication link to households enables new revenue streams such as smart home automation.

At Telenor IoT, we have developed a governance model that addresses operation, delivery and future outlook. Based on our long experiences within IoT for utilities, Telenor Connexion has frequently taken the role as communication partner with our customers and customer’s suppliers. We support customers from the design phase to implementation and operations and bring a lot of expertise that customers can benefit from. Telenor IoT has a lot of experience within IoT which has resulted in a broad network within the utility universe and cooperation’s in various constellations.

Telenor IoT has more than 20 years of experience within the utilities industry and is supplying connectivity to multiple utility customers. We understand the requirements of IoT for utilities when it comes to both implementing and operating smart meter/grid communication. Telenor Connexion offers tailored setups to fit customer’s unqiue requirements. We provide 24/7 support with real time monitoring of every live subscription. Telenor Connexion offers multi roaming for higher communication quality, penetration, and performance.

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IoT Applications for Utilities

The broader energy industry could start to converge in the coming years, as many players seek to serve a growing clean power industry in an economy increasingly moving toward electrification. IoT is well-positioned to help serve these new and burgeoning needs.

IoT in smart metering enables greater forecasting capabilities, thereby driving down costs of generation through more efficient scheduling and reliability in the grid, as well as enabling customers to foresee spending patterns and better plan their energy usage over time.

Smart meters are IoT-connected sensors on consumer utility lines. Rather than traditional metering systems that require monthly manual reads, residents and businesses are connected to smart meters that automatically report data back to utility providers, enabling real-time usage monitoring and reporting.

Sensors and smart meters also can record and analyze data in near-real time, alerting companies of maintenance issues before they arise and helping to locate outages, thus restoring service quicker.

Utilities use sensors connected to their infrastructure to measure resource performance and improve condition-based maintenance routines. Flow rates, temperatures and voltage data are gathered via communications networks to pinpoint problems and forecast possible issues based on analytics.

IoT Connectivity Technology Requirements in Utilities

Image source: "Connectivity Technologies for IoT", written in conjunction with Northstream (a part of Accenture)

Smart IoT meters for electricity, water and gas are the main use cases within utilities. Smart electricity meters constitute the largest utilities IoT application to date. They require frequent communication but low energy efficiency due to access to continuous power supply. Most electricity meter deployments have been on cellular technology, meeting the requirements for coverage, reliability and longevity of the technology (meters can have a lifespan of up to 15 years).

However, as water and gas meters see increasing growth, the latest cellular LPWA technologies LTE-M and NB-IoT have the ability to penetrate devices that are located underground, providing low energy requirements and low cost.

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