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Telenor’s Managed Connectivity services enable enterprises and the public sector to connect, operate and monitor their connected devices.

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With IoT Connect you get access to a local mobile network or to more than 500 networks across the world with only one point of contact.

IoT Connect is available in different versions, ranging from more basic versions suitable for connecting just a few devices, to customized managed connectivity solutions with all the tools and dedicated IoT expert support needed to connect millions of devices.

Managed Connectivity - Roam the World with One Solution

Wherever your products go, our Managed Connectivity services provide you access to the best quality cellular connection based on availability and the needs of your use case. Our Global IoT SIM cards can be pre-integrated to simplify your rollout, installation and lifecycle management.

Using our extensive global roaming network, your devices will automatically select the best locally available network technology, providing you the best value for your use cases. 

We take care of all the agreements with local operators so you don’t have to. In countries that currently have restrictions for the use of global SIM cards, we offer seamless access solutions (including eUICC technology) together with our established local operator partners.

By integrating local and global access enterprises can develop and deliver international IoT solutions without having to handle multiple suppliers or different technical solutions in any part of the world.

With our Managed IoT Connectivity platform, you have access to over 500 mobile networks globally, and our Global SIM card allows the solution to be standardized, no matter where the product will be sold or used. The advantage this offers is that you have one single point of contact for support and monitoring, one contract, one consolidated invoice, one API, one roadmap – for all countries.

With our Managed Connectivity Services you Can:

Managed Connectivity allows you to conquer the complexity of IoT, we can help you simplify the production, rollout and management of your connected devices.
Tommy OttossonHead of Product Management at Telenor Connexion

IoT Testing Made Easy – Test our Global IoT SIMs

Are you developing a connected solution? Or do you already have an idea and hardware but require connectivity?

Why Choose IoT Connect?

Our Managed Connectivity services give you access to robust global networks which use licensed radio spectrum, free of disturbances and congestion from competing networks. Depending on your needs, you can have the highest speed LTE or Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks allowing you to maximise the battery life of your devices and increase coverage to enable many more IoT cases.

Simplified rollout

With a single global SIM you can access mobile networks around the world

Instant connectivity

Your product will connect out of the box wherever it is deployed

Round the clock support

Our support team works only with IoT solutions – nothing else

Futureproof technology

Your solution will work through the entire life cycle of your devices

Predictable pricing

One price per connected device provides you with cost transparency

Service portal

You can monitor and configure your devices and download reports

Connect with us

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