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Whatever your line of work, we can help your business capture the full potential of IoT. Together with our partners, we develop IoT industry solutions for enterprises from the automotive, industrial manufacturing, utilities, transport and logistics industries.

IoT Solutions for the Automotive Industry

From micromobility to heavy machinery, get a well-proven IoT solution that works everywhere vehicles need to go.
IoT for automotive

IoT Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing

Enable digital transformation for your customers with an IoT solution that's ready for Industry 4.0 and beyond.
IoT for manufacturing

IoT Solutions for Transport and Logistics

Make it easier to manage fleet and the global supply chain with an IoT solution that works across borders.
IoT for logistics

IoT Solutions for the Utilities Industry

Leverage technology to tackle urban problems and help make society better with IoT solutions that improve efficiency, generate revenue, and conserve resources.
IoT for utilities

IoT Solutions for Smart Cities

If you offer smart city solutions, we can help you serve customers across the world. Explore our IoT solutions for smart city solution providers.
IoT for Smart Cities
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Connectivity Technology Needs of Major Application Areas in IoT Industry Solutions

Over the past years IoT industry solutions and devices have evolved from test-bed technology for futuristic use cases to a core enabler of operational improvements, product enhancements and customer satisfaction. Many IoT use cases entail a range of technical, commercial and ecosystem related requirements depending on which IoT industry solution is best suited. Enterprises therefore need to consider suitable connectivity technologies as enablers of end-to-end IoT solutions.

This decision is critical to the commercial success and total cost of ownership (TCO) of the service.

This table assesses the connectivity technology needs of major application areas of IoT devices in the current market in terms of the outlined technical, commercial and ecosystem requirements. Application areas consist of a variety of use cases, some with heterogeneous connectivity technology requirements. Government for instance covers the use cases outdoor surveillance as well as city asset tracking which have very heterogeneous data rate requirement.

Image source: "Connectivity Technologies for IoT", written in conjunction with Northstream (a part of Accenture)

Follow the IoT Pioneers

For over two decades, we have helped leading enterprises succeed with pioneering IoT industry solutions. Learn more about their strategies, and how you can succeed with connected products.


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