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The First Choice for IoT

Navigating the near endless opportunities that come with the Internet of Things can be a challenge and there are a lot of things to be considered. Which IoT solutions will work best for your business?

How can you implement IoT in a simple way that suits your specific needs? How can you find one partner that can help you with everything from the physical devices themselves to the way they connect and form a secure network?

Telenor is a true IoT pioneer, and with our business-minded approach we are here to guide you to success. In addition to providing the most reliable end-to-end IoT solutions, we are also your business advisor, showing you how to turn opportunities into profit. Our partner network ensures flexibility and global coverage, and your personal Telenor contact combined with our support ensures simplicity, security and peace of mind.

Simply put, we are the first choice for IoT business solutions.

The Right IoT Solution for your Business

Whatever your requirements, and however big or small your business is, we have the ideal IoT solution for you.


Mobile IoT connectivity subscriptions for almost any type of IoT device or product.

Cost efficient, quick delivery and easy to use.

A good choice for companies wanting to connect on a national basis with limited needs for roaming and customer support.

Available in these countries:

  1. Sweden (in Swedish)
  2. Norway (in Norwegian)
  3. Denmark (in Danish)
  4. Finland (in Finnish)


Managed IoT connectivity and cloud services set up and supported by our dedicated IoT specialists. A packaged solution with tools for monitoring and controlling your connected devices.

A good choice for companies with mostly national, Nordic or EU deployments.

Available in these countries:

  1. Sweden (in Swedish)
  2. Norway (in Norwegian)
  3. Denmark (in Danish)
  4. Finland (in Finnish)


Managed IoT connectivity and cloud services including the tools and 24/7 IoT expert customer support needed for global and complex IoT solutions. Customized access to 500+ networks across the world with only one point of contact. 

For global enterprises needing a proactive partner who can provide support and scalability to millions of devices anywhere in the world, throughout the connected solution’s lifecycle.

Available solutions globally:

  1. IoT Connect
  2. IoT Cloud

Telenor´s IoT Offering

We provide a portfolio of IoT connectivity and IoT cloud services backed up by expert support in our home markets as well as across the world with local representation in 18 countries globally.

IoT Connect

IoT Connect, Telenor's Managed IoT Connectivity services enable enterprises and public sector to connect, operate and monitor their connected devices.
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IoT Cloud

Telenor's Managed IoT Cloud services enable rapid development of connected solutions by providing the tools to collect, store and analyse the data generated by connected devices.
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Test SIMs

Start Testing!

Are you developing a connected solution? Or do you already have an idea and hardware but require connectivity? We provide IoT Test SIMs – start testing now!
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Get Going Quickly with our Enterprise IoT Solutions

Expertise in digital business transformation

Global IoT connectivity with one point of contact

Access to a hardware and software partner ecosystem

A test lab to try out your connected solutions

Top rated service team on call 24/7

IoT Services

Customer Service

The power of Telenor's global network is backed up with personal and proactive 24/7 monitoring and support from our dedicated team of specialists.
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Partners & Resellers

Want to find a partner – or maybe partner with us? Explore who we partner with, why we value our partners and how you can join us.
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Ask an IoT Expert

Are you ready to get started with IoT? Or maybe you need to improve your existing connected offerings? Contact us to find out how we can help.
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