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RGNT Electric Motorcycles: Staying Connected in Style

RGNT Motorcycle AB, a Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer, has launched two new connected motorcycles that aims to disrupt the transportation industry. Read on to learn more.


RGNT Motorcycles AB was borne out of founder and CEO Jonathan Åstrom’s vision to disrupt the transportation industry by manufacturing electric motorcycles that would emit no Co2 and offer a quieter means of transportation than combustion engines.

Launched in 2019, the Swedish motorcycle manufacturer’s original range of two electric motorcycles won admiration for its classic design combined with innovative technological features.

In Q2, 2022, RGNT added two new flagship electric motorcycles to its range: The Classic Nr 1 Sport Extended Limited (SEL) and The Scrambler SEL. In keeping with the style of RGNT’s existing stable, these two latest additions are designed with the same retro-inspired looks as their predecessors.

While the aesthetic design of RGNT bikes captures the swagger of a bygone era, riders also get access to the latest technological features, thanks to global connectivity provided by Telenor IoT.

RGNT Motorcycles IoT Case in PDF-Format


Electric vehicles play an important role in helping to achieve global goals on climate change, and RGNT are uniquely positioned to play an integral part in that journey for motorcyclists worldwide.

With the goal to connect over 500 vehicles in 2022, RGNT required a scalable solution that met their geographical coverage needs, as well as robust security and a solution that required low supervision to maintain fleet control.


With a long history in IoT and access to over 500 networks in 200+ countries, as well as unrivalled experience in the automotive industry and energy grid sector, Telenor IoT stood out as the ideal partner for RGNT to secure reliable connectivity while being able to scale at pace.

Global managed connectivity, provided by Telenor IoT, enables RGNT motorcycles to send and receive software updates over-the-internet, as well as cloud-based bike data management and navigation.

Using Telenor IoT’s connectivity service, RGNT can deliver GPS and OTP (one time password) functionality, automatic software and design upgrades, as well as robust security to their customers.

Besides their strong customer record and long market experience, Telenor IoT created a secure, cost optimized solution by taking the time to understand our roadmap, which was key to our final decision. Alexander Lewandowski, Head of Design at RGNT


Today RGNT is steadily expanding operations and currently offers motorcycles in 22 countries worldwide, with plans to expand into the United States, Australia, and United Kingdom soon.

RGNT’s leverage on the universal power of IoT, means riders globally are getting to enjoy a host of functions, such as keyless operation, as well as access to real-time data and analytics related to battery-charge level, mileage, and location.

In addition, RGNT motorcycles can also be connected via a mobile app, thereby enabling a more personalized rider experience, and streamlined OTA updates. By monitoring all the bike sensors RGNT can help prolong the lifespan of the batteries while also anticipating and addressing maintenance issues.

All of these benefits make for a more enjoyable driver experience, and one that is quieter and kinder for the planet.

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