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PEOPLE: Delivering Sustainable Innovation to the Global Freight Industry

PEOPLE has developed the Container2.0, a connected shipping container that combines IoT and advanced analytics with eco-friendly attributes.

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PEOPLE specializes in connected logistics units for the freight industry using IoT technology. They offer IoT-enabled devices and services that provide real-time location tracking, monitoring of environmental conditions, and improved supply chain efficiency.

With managed connectivity and SIM cards from Telenor IoT, PEOPLE connects and monitors logistics units globally, providing access to valuable data about the logistics units and cargo at anytime and anywhere in the supply chain.

By using PEOPLE’s solutions, logistics companies can improve their supply chain efficiency, reduce waste, prevent equipment failures, and save money.

Overview of features offered by PEOPLE:

  • Real-time location tracking and monitoring
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring to protect cargo
  • Maintenance cost reduction
  • Sensor data analysis
  • Remote access control and door opening detection
  • Advanced security
  • Integration with any type of system.


PEOPLE’s Container2.0 is a connected shipping container for enterprise customers. Telenor IoT’s mobile connectivity provides reliable connectivity anywhere, and data can be transmitted in real-time or recorded for later use.

Self-powered, the Container2.0 does not rely on power sources on ships or trains. It is adapted to standard industry specifications and can be built on existing production lines, incorporating the latest connectivity technology. The container is fully recyclable and more than 20% lighter than standard containers, making it kinder to the environment.


Global freight shipping and logistics companies face challenges such as overcapacity, volatility in demand, high fuel costs, environmental regulations, security concerns, and limited port infrastructure.

The TEU (TEU is an acronym used in logistics, which means ‘Twenty Equipment Unit’ or in other terms a ‘20-foot container’) market has seen little innovation, with few containers having connectivity for location tracking and advanced containers mostly relying on vehicle power. Existing “dumb” containers are usually unconnected, leading to manual data entry prone to error and inefficient routing. They are also heavy and often degrade over time.

PEOPLE’s Container2.0 addresses these challenges by providing a connected, self-powered, and eco-friendly solution that improves supply chain efficiency, reduces waste, prevents equipment failures, and enhances security.


PEOPLE utilizes managed connectivity and Telenor SIM cards to connect Container2.0 and is backed up by a GNSS location system. Global navigation satellite system (GNSS) is a general term describing any satellite constellation that provides positioning, navigation, and timing services on a global or regional basis. In addition to supplying the connections, Telenor IoT ensures smooth data integration between its network and PEOPLE’s platform to deliver high performance and to support the various use cases that PEOPLE’s partners have. PEOPLE’s platform provides the right data at the right time to the appropriate stakeholders that can act on it.

Automated data communication also helps to ensure data accuracy, eradicate human error and drastically reduce the effort and involvement of all stakeholders. By being informed of issues only when necessary, e.g. receiving an alert about door status or if a container is in the wrong location, the system removes the workload of having to continuously check on progress and provides far more valuable insights into the status of containers and their cargo.

Knowing in the right-time the status of logistics units helps to identify which are available and reduces unnecessary movements across the global freight transport industry. This optimizes the utilization of units and their loading while highlighting uncompliant activities, preventing theft and cargo losses. With wider adoption, the platform opens a path to intelligent pricing for shipments based on volume and weight.

Connecting logistics units using managed connectivity from Telenor IoT offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Real-time tracking: IoT sensors can be installed in shipping containers to provide real-time location tracking, allowing logistics companies to better manage their supply chain and reduce the risk of lost or stolen cargo.
  • Improved efficiency: IoT devices can also be used to monitor the temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions inside a container, which can help logistics companies optimize their supply chain and reduce waste.
  • Enhanced security: IoT devices can be used to monitor the container for unauthorized access, and can also provide real-time alerts if a container is tampered with.
  • Predictive maintenance: IoT can be used to collect data on the condition of a container, which can be used to predict when maintenance is needed and help prevent equipment failures.
  • Cost savings: By using IoT technology to improve supply chain efficiency, reduce waste and unnecessary movements and prevent equipment failures, connected shipping containers can help logistics companies save money, and are kinder to the environment.
Our global connected ecosystem for cargo requires robust, reliable, and secure connectivity – even in remote locations. We collaborate with Telenor to provide managed connectivity and ensure we are able to offer our partners full visibility along the supply chain in real-time, independently from the mode of transport used (road, sea, air). As a result of our partnership with Telenor, we can provide all stakeholders with vital data about any logistic unit or mode of transport 24/7. Sotirios Ptochos CO-Founder/Senior Executive – PEOPLE


It has taken several decades for innovation to reach the freight industry but Container2.0 and the PEOPLE ecosystem offers a connected, smart way to optimize operations, save money and reduce the environmental impact of global logistics.

With its streamlined design, Container2.0 offers the benefit of moving more for less with reduced CO2 emissions and lower fuel consumption.

To date, PEOPLE’s customers are successfully reducing their ecological footprint as fuel consumption has been reduced, load optimization has improved and trip and routing efficiencies have been realized.

According to Breakthrough Energy Organization every 10% reduction in weight results in fuel efficiency increasing by 6-8% and every 30% weight reduction improves efficiency by up to 20%-25%.

PEOPLE achieves this while offering a greater payload and claiming a cleaner, stronger and safer container than traditional versions.

For its enterprise customers, decisions can be made based on clear, accurate right-time data that enable goods to be controlled during transportation. Adoption of the Container2.0 has significantly reduced customers’ cargo losses and theft while also identifying non-compliant activities from third party service providers.

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