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Strengthening resilience in times of crisis

As societies all over the world start moving out of Covid-19 lockdowns, I would like to reflect on how we have managed the business continuity and service levels at Telenor Connexion.

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Robert Bellwaldius, COO
June 2, 2020

Looking back on some of the most dynamic months ever I am honestly proud that we have managed to deliver without any disturbances, despite the challenges following the outbreak of Covid-19. Not only have we so far been able to keep our service levels as before throughout the crisis, but we have also been able to do so while minimising health risks.

Three months ago, when the coronavirus pandemic started to spread into Europe, we activated our crisis management process. Our goal was to safeguard our employees and partner personnel at the same time as ensuring continued delivery exceeding service levels. Since then we have supported customers while working from home.

To ensure continued customer support some changes were needed. For example, we have also set up a redundant service operation centre and in addition ensured that we can securely access all the tools needed to operate the centre from home. This will provide additional resilience and ensure we can deliver the expected 24/7/365 support our customer depend on throughout this crisis and then forward.

A big concern through this crisis has been the capability to produce and ship SIM cards internationally as different countries has imposed border restrictions. By working together with our suppliers and monitoring how border restrictions develop, we have managed to increase our supply chain, for example, by ensuring enough stock at Telenor Connexion and with our suppliers to manage prolonged border closures. In addition, we are continuing to enhance the redundancy in our supply chain overall. So far this has worked well, and we have been able to fulfill all orders.

Together with our partners we are working hard to ensure that our service levels remain at, or improve on, pre-Covid-19 outbreak levels. So far this has worked well and have not had any impact on Telenor Connexion operations or supply chain.

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