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Wrap-up: Ericsson/Telenor Connexion IoT technology meetup

March 21, 2018 in Kista, Sweden

We have partnered with Ericsson in order to give you the latest insights on the Internet of Things and 5G for industries. Hundreds of attendees joined us on March 21 to learn how to unlock productivity with innovation and listen to real-life IoT implementation stories by our customers.

Experts from Ericsson, Telenor Connexion and selected partners presented a tangible picture of the market for Industrialized Internet of Things (IIoT) and 5G for Business Transformation.


Check out our event summary (10 minutes)

Our CTO Martin Whitlock explains that many companies see the benefits of connecting their products, with an increasing number taking the full step to transforming their product into a connected product-as-a-service. Transforming into a service based business model requires new ways of thinking! 

What is the point of connecting a water pump to the internet? Peter Nilsson, Director of business development at Xylem Inc., discusses how their industrial products make use of IoT solutions to simplify maintenance and cut down costs for their customers.

IoT demo area tour

Explore the demo area at Ericsson Studio and learn more about IoT use cases such as remote support buttons for coffee machines or a connected factory worker.
Interested in more IoT cases? Find a number of interesting customer cases here.


14:30 Registration Starts

14:50 Welcome to Ericsson & Telenor Connexion IoT Meetup

Johan Harvard, Deputy Director at the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation at the Swedish Government welcomes online and on-site audiences

15:00 5G and IoT as enablers of next global wave of productivity “Industry 4.0.”

Erik Josefsson from Ericsson talks about how 5G and IOT will transform industries as we know them today.

15:30 Think Big, Start Small. The journey to connected Product-as-a-Service starts today

Martin Whitlock (CTO Telenor Connexion) explains how to transform your business from selling a product to providing a connected Product-as-a-Service.

16:00 Telenor’s customer Xylem: Achieving operational excellence through IOT Connectivity

Peter Nilsson, Head of Business Development for Xylem will discuss their own journey on business transformation  –  bringing to life the concepts introduced by Telenor Connexion.

16:20 Power Break & Networking

Explore the various demos available in Ericsson Studio. Including an exclusive presentation of Ericsson IOT Business Labs by Frank Sell. Mingle and network with your peers, partners and industry experts.

16:40 SKF: Bringing the 5G-Factory to life

SKF’s Martin Friis presents use case which illustrates x-factory concepts in a live environment.

17:00 Bringing innovative ideas to life at Ericsson Garage

Sandor Albrecht introduces the Garage. Ericsson’s corporate incubator. Inspired by lean startup methodology and working with short development cycles with customers, users and partners across many industries.

17:20 A Partnership in Action, Telenor Connexion and Ericsson

Martin Whitlock and Erik Josefsson return to stage together to introduce ways to engage in shaping the future of Industry 4.0.

17:30 Network with your peers and explore demos in Ericsson Studio

From Product to Connected Product-as-a-Service

A guide to transforming the business model through IoT - from selling a product to providing a connected Product-as-a-Service. Download our in-depth report.
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