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IoT Event “The Sharing Economy and Digital Innovation” with Husqvarna

September 27, 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden

Tech, innovation, Internet of Things and subscription economy are key building blocks for a new way of doing business. More and more companies realize that you have to start thinking about new pathways to take on both changed behaviors and the benefits that rapid technology development creates. But few know exactly how to move forward.

Come and listen to experts in the field telling us about the success factors in sharing economies, how to utilize the opportunities created by technology development and how to get five companies from widely different industries to deliver on a joint project.

Event Facts

Date & Time:
27 September 2018, 15:00 – 17:00 (Registration from 14:30)

Event Language:

HiQ office, Regeringsgatan 20, Stockholm

A successful example is Husqvarna Battery Box – a solution that created high customer satisfaction and has the potential to completely change the future way to fix the garden. Husqvarna, together with Telenor Connexion, HiQ, Flex and Zuora, has developed Husqvarna Battery Box, an online toolbase where individuals can easily rent tools throughout the day. We tell you how we went from idea to finished solution in six months. We will also share experiences from how to work successfully in an ecosystem with other companies and how this can give rise to new ideas, products and services. The seminar will also address major issues such as: How long is it sustainable to consume as we do? How can companies drive behavioral change? What future opportunities will be provided with the Internet of Things?


(Please note: Event language is Swedish!)

14.30 Registrering

Registrera dig och mingla – vi bjuder på en energiboost!

15.00 Husqvarna Battery Box: Från idé till bruk på rekordtid

Husqvarna ger en beskrivning av hur Husqvarna Battery Box blev till, hur den möter kundernas behov och vad Husqvarna lärde oss på vägen.

Talare: Pavel Hajman, Senior Vice President, Group Digital, Operations & Technology Development, Husqvarna och Margaretha Finnstedt, Global Director PR & Brand innovation, Co-creator of Husqvarna Battery Box, Husqvarna.

15.25 Tre megatrender inom Internet of Things – hur IoT skapar värde till svenska företag idag och hur framtiden kommer att se ut

Talare: Mats Lundquist, CEO, Telenor Connexion

15.40 Delningsekonomins nya form – subscription economy

Talare: Johan Engvall, Regional Vice President Nordics, Zuora

Paus – Kort bensträckare!

16.10 Developing Products for the Age of Intelligence

Talare: Sepideh Sadjadi, Director Business Development och Daniel Larsson, Director Business Development, Flex

16.25 Skapa möjligheter till affärsutveckling genom teknikutveckling.

I rådande tider krävs kreativa digitala tjänster, men för att utveckla organisation och affärsmodell i samma takt krävs systematiska angreppssätt.

Talare: Lars Stugemo, CEO och Magnus Gens, Affärsutvecklingschef, HiQ.

16.40. Pandeldebatt

Paneldebatt kring delningsekonomi, digitalisering och vad som kommer att ske framåt.

17.00 Mingel, lättare mat och live-band!


The event is arranged by Telenor Connexion, Husqvarna, HiQ, Flex, Zuora.

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