Webinar: Traditional Automakers Are at a Crossroads - Why Non-Traditional Partnerships is the Only Move to Take

Today, automakers need to incorporate connectivity and other technologies outside their traditional area of expertise to enhance their products and services.

In order to do this effectively and at scale, automakers must either form non-traditional partnerships or transform into technology companies themselves. Regardless of the path they choose, software-driven business models are inevitable, and connectivity will play a key role in enabling this transformation.

In this webinar, Svante Svanberg, Strategic Segment Manager at Telenor Connexion, explores the underlying trends shaping the automotive industry and introduces strategies to adapt, embrace non-traditional partnerships, and thrive in an era of disruption.

Watch the webinar to hear:

  • Current trends on each pillar of the C.A.S.E.D. (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric, and Digitized) model
  • Why non-traditional partnerships and external expertise are key to success in the automotive industry

About the Speaker

Svante Svanberg

Strategic Segment Manager at Telenor Connexion

Svante is a growth-minded leader focusing on new technologies and how these interact from a system perspective. He has worked in strategic and management positions within communication and digital services since the mid-90s. He is now on a journey to take the automotive industry toward a digitized and connected future.

Svante has previously worked as responsible Manager for vehicle connectivity at Volvo Group and as IT Director for the Swedish telecom company Telia.

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