Webinar: connectivity technologies for IoT

Selecting the most suitable connectivity technology is one of the critical decisions that enterprises need to make in their IoT launch strategy as reliable connectivity is a key component in an IoT solution. This decision can impact the success of the service as a poor choice can result in inferior performance or higher cost in the short-term, and in the long-term it can hinder scalability or necessitate an expensive swap if the technology is not sufficiently future proof.

In this webinar Lei Shi, Senior Manager & Head of Technology at Northstream, now a part of Accenture, presents the Connectivity Technologies for IoT report. This report, produced by Northstream in conjunction with Telenor Connection, guides companies towards the optimal choice for IoT connectivity, and is available for download here.

Topics covered in the webinar and related report:

  • The key IoT connectivity technologies; the main differences between them and the advantages and drawbacks with each.
  • Which are the most important factors a company should consider when selecting the right technology for IoT?
  • Application area and technology mapping; what is the best match per use case and industry vertical?
  • Actual case studies of how selected Telenor Connexion clients reasoned and made their choice.
  • Future outlook and predictions on how the technologies are expected to evolve.

The webinar was recorded in September 2020, shortly after the report was released.

Watch the recorded webinar

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