Webinar: Grundfos — pioneering Water-as-a-Service through IoT

More and more companies are turning to IoT to capture the benefits of connecting their products and services. An IoT implementation strategy and key objectives must be identified to be successful. This can be challenging for any business, particularly global enterprises with a complex and decentralized structure.

In this webinar, Fredrik Östbye, Group Vice President, Head of FutureLab from Grundfos, one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers will talk about how digitalisation and sustainability has been the core of everything Grundfos does and is a top priority today.

Fredrik will highlight how Grundfos is shifting its business model from selling water pumps to delivering water-as-a-service enabled by connectivity and IoT.

Topics covered in the webinar:    

Martin Whitlock, CTO of Telenor Connexion will also participate in the webinar.

Watch the recorded webinar

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