Webinar: IoT in electric vehicle charging

Supported by a number of incentives and regulations the sales of electric vehicles (EV’s) is growing rapidly throughout the Nordics, and much of the world. In general, people are more aware about their impact on the environment and want to use products and services that are kinder to the planet.

In addition, governments want to create a fossil-free world and are putting greater restrictions on fuel emissions meaning the transport industry has had to adapt to these changing demands. Tightening CO₂ emission regulations and associated penalties is provoking car manufacturers to think creatively and introduce electric vehicles at a high pace. Tax breaks and other subsidies makes electric vehicles and hybrids as attractive and increasingly cost-effective options for drivers.

With a growing number of electric vehicles hitting the road each year, comes increased demand for public access to charging stations and a need for a rich public EV charging infrastructure.

This webinar will highlight the benefits and drivers of a connected EV charging solution with examples from the Swedish enterprise Bee Charging Solutions who is working with leading car manufacturers such as Volkswagen Group, Polestar, BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes, to mention a few.

For a deep dive, read the questions and answers from the webinar “IoT in electric vehicle charging” and read our “IoT trends for automotive“.

Topics covered in the webinar:

  • EV charging connected services
  • Why mobile connectivity for EV charging
  • How to address the challenge of scaling up and doing multi-country deployments

The webinar is hosted by Göran Näslund, Strategic Segment Manager from Telenor Connexion and Martin Karlsson, Chief Digital Officer from Bee Charging Solutions.

Watch the recorded webinar

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