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FarmDroid: Fully Automated Agricultural Robots

In this IoT case for agriculture, explore how fully automated agricultural robots pave the way for greener agriculture.

This IoT case was first published in Danish on Telenor Denmark


Agriculture is facing major changes. There is increasing pressure for agriculture to become more sustainable and for farmers to seek forms of production that use less CO2 and fewer pesticides.

IoT and robotics offer new opportunities for greener and more efficient agriculture. Intelligent robots are paving the way for future farming with fewer pesticides and less CO2 emissions from traditional agricultural machinery.


The Danish robotics company FarmDroid has developed the world’s first fully automatic agricultural robot for sowing and mechanical weed control.

FarmDroid FD20 is a solar-powered field robot that uses GPS signal to mark the location of crops when sowing, and subsequently performs mechanical weed control. The innovative GPS technology makes it extremely precise in its work and reduces or completely eliminates the use of manual weed control.

The robot is connected via Telenor’s sim card, which ensures coverage in Denmark and in more than 200 countries worldwide. In this way, the robot is secured signal, regardless of whether it is running in a field in Italy or at a plant breeder in Southern Jutland.

The robot is equipped with four solar panels that provide up to 24 hours of daily CO2-neutral operation.

The collaboration with Telenor helps us to scale and make our solution more reliable for farmers around the world who want a more sustainable agriculture. Kristian Vest Warming, Co-Founder & Chief of Farming Robots

Interesting Facts about this Solution

Are the robots CO2 neutral?

Four batteries are charged by four solar panels. The solar cells produce up to 1.6 kWh, equivalent to 20 kWh per day, which ensures that the FarmDroid FD20 does not need external charging.

Do the robots require manual monitoring?

No. The robots are fully automated and require no manual monitoring.

Who is FarmDroid?

FarmDroid is a Danish company founded by Jens Warming and Kristian Warming together with innovation environment Syddansk Innovation A/S and robot expert Esben Østergaard.

How the Solution Works

Robot set up

Setting up FarmDroid's robot is easy and simple.

Fully automatic operation

The robot performs fully automatic sowing and weeding of crops.

SMS notification

The robot stops itself and notifies at any stops or deviations.

Save time and CO2

FarmDroid's solution reduces manual working hours and unnecessary use of CO2 and pesticides.


Farmdroids FD20 is a groundbreaking solution that breaks with traditional agricultural machinery and methods, and provides farmers and communities with a number of advantages:

  • Reduces CO2 and use of pesticides
  • Removes the need for hard manual labor
  • Precise weeding ensures increased yield
  • Does not destroy the microstructures of the soil

Telenor's Role in the Project

Test SIM card

We have provided test SIM cards for network testing and coverage.

International roaming

We ensure access to international roaming on 400 networks in more than 200 countries worldwide.

Simple subscription

We ensure low administration and data sharing across all FarmDroid's robots.


We have provided sparring and advice on roaming and choice of network technology.

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