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May 26, 2021

Telenor Connexion to connect one million smart meters in the Nordics on behalf of Ningbo Sanxing Smart Electric

Telenor Connexion signs an agreement with Ningbo Sanxing Smart Electric to connect one million smart meters using the latest, 5G future proofed LWPA technology.

Telenor Connexion signs an agreement with Ningbo Sanxing Smart Electric to connect one million smart meters using the latest, 5G future proofed LWPA technology.

The energy industry is transforming mainly driven by changing consumer demands, deregulation, transition to fossil-free energy, electrification of transport, and increasing demand for renewable energy as well as electricity in general.

Digitalization, brought about by technologies like Big Data, AI and the Internet of Things, will be key in meeting these demands. Smart Grids play a crucial role in connecting the ecosystem of producers, retailers, consumers and others, securing distribution of electricity, and managing the flow of information, which is fundamental for regulatory requirements, the meter-to-cash process and unlocking new smart-grid potential.

Today, smart meters are a key component in the Swedish grid, but existing meters need to be replaced to meet the requirements of the next generation smart grid. With new functional requirements, the next generation of smart meters will help meet the long-term challenges related to affordable and sustainable energy supply.

In a new strategic project, a leading Scandinavian energy supplier selected Sanxing as prime contractor for delivery of meters, head-end system, communications, and system integration.

Headquartered in China, Sanxing is a global provider of intelligent power distribution and utilization systems that include smart meters, transformers, electric vehicle chargers and other power equipment solutions. The project includes about one million meters and will be fully deployed during 2025.

Telenor Connexion has signed an agreement with Sanxing to provide a managed connectivity service to enable the smart metering project that is expected to be operational for more than 12 years. The managed service includes access to multiple networks, technical and operational support, connectivity management based on Ericsson IoT Accelerator as well as logistics and testing services. To enable the right characteristics and optimal TCO the service has been matched to Sanxing’s global supply chain and the requirement on the overall smart metering solution.

LTE-M is chosen as the primary mobile technology with NB-IoT as fall back. These new LPWA technologies are not only future proofed as part of 5G, but provide the necessary coverage, bandwidth and latency to meet current and future requirements.

Rolling out a million meters is a complex undertaking and requires an effective supply chain, from factory, installation, and operations, with no room for costly revisits of installation. This means that mobile network service availability, capacity for reliable over-the-air updates and continuous support and monitoring of operations is crucial.

Commenting on the agreement Jens Chan, European Regional Sales Manager at Sanxing, says “Telenor Connexion has more than 20 years of experience within IoT in general and specifically a big part of their customer base within utilities. This is a large project that will run for at least 12 years. It’s been important to partner with Telenor Connexion because they have proven solutions and are an experienced supplier who meet all the technical requirements and understand the utility sector.”

Göran Näslund, Strategic Segment Manager, Utilities and Smart Cities at Telenor Connexion, says “At Telenor Connexion we are delighted to partner with Sanxing, a leading smart meter provider, to connect smart meters and play a key part in the goal to provide climate-smart energy. With this deal we confirm our position as one of the industry leaders in IoT communications for the Energy sector.”

Read more about how two global leaders have come together to share expertise and create a more sustainable society through smart meters at telenorconnexion.com.

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