Webinar: IoT Predictions Report 2023 | IoT will Redefine Urban Mobility

Date: March 6, 2023
Time: 15.30 CET

Society is bracing for a global economic downturn.

As high energy prices contribute to rising inflation and slowed global growth, increasing interest rates in combination with the uncertainty of the economic outlook going forward put pressure on consumers and affecting their spending power and transportation choices.

As a result, urban mobility patterns are shifting with rising demand for flexible, efficient, affordable, and sustainable means of transportation.

Every year Telenor IoT partners with Accenture, to examine the drivers for change affecting the world around us. Together the two companies produce the IoT Predictions, an annual publication that addresses how current global factors will affect the future of IoT. 2023 is no different.
Join Bengt Nordström, Managing Director of Accenture Strategy & Consulting, and Martin Whitlock, CTO at Telenor Connexion, as they discuss the implications of the latest report. The discussion will be moderated by Galina Garpenståhl, who works with strategy & consulting within the Communications, Media & Technology group at Accenture.

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IoT Predictions 2023: IoT will Redefine Urban Mobility

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