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Carpigiani: A recipe for gelato success

Manufacturer Carpigiani is scooping up added value and customer service with IoT.


  • Carpigiani is an Italian-based manufacturer of machines for gourmet gelato.
  • Carpigiani needed a managed connectivity solution that would guarantee their after-sales service monitoring system, Teorema, could be securely deployed. In order to achieve optimum maintenance of their machines, no matter where in the world.
  • Telenor Connexion delivered a smart IoT solution using embedded SIMs for IoT Managed Connectivity, that enables Carpigiani to smoothly scale Teorema in accordance to their needs.
  • The solution is global, highly flexible in terms of SIM card volumes, and priced competitively.


Italian-based Carpigiani is a market-leader in the manufacture of machines for gourmet gelato. Over 10,000 ice cream machines are manufactured every year, and exported mainly around the world to customers spanning from small ice cream shops to multinational fast-food brands.

Factors like heavy usage and hygienic requirements give rise to recurrent maintenance and costly downtime. Carpigiani solved this problem for their customers through optimized maintenance on actual usage, via a connected after-sales service monitoring system called Teorema.

Teorema was initially launched in Italy and Germany, and a local provider was appointed to handle the connectivity solution.


As Carpigiani expanded its service offering geographically, the administration around having a connectivity supplier for each country soon became a real problem for Carpigiani. It was clear the company needed a global provider. Carpigiani had three key criteria when selecting the right partner: global capacity, flexibility and price.

Telenor Connexion came out on top in all of the three areas. They could help us to smoothly scale the solution globally at a competitive price. Perhaps most importantly, Telenor Connexion was flexible in terms of SIM card volumes. Even though we were a rather small customer at first, Telenor Connexion was very accommodating and gave us the same attention as any other customer. – Giovanni Virgilli, ‎IoT Solutions Manager at Carpigiani


Telenor Connexion provided Carpigiani with a global IoT solution that was tied to over 500 mobile networks globally and which uses a global SIM. This solution enables Carpigiani to standardize their production, and facilitate their various product models, regardless of wherever in the world it will be sold or used.

The data generated from each machine is used to comprehensively analyse the state of the equipment. This allows Carpigiani to deliver a consistently high, predictive customer service experience.


Relying on Telenor Connexion’s IoT Managed Connectivity solution, over 8,000 Carpigiani machines, comprising 300 product models, are now connected to Teorema. More machines are planned to be connected shortly. Today, Teorema is being offered to customers as part of an extended all-inclusive warranty service called Teorema4U.

As Carpigiani continues to evolve their smart IoT services on a global scale, they are working closely with Telenor Connexion to incorporate emerging markets for connected ice cream machines. One key market is Asia.

The Telenor Connexion IoT Managed Connectivity solution continues to remove barriers to Carpigiani’s sales growth. And is enabling Carpigiani to deliver a truly innovative global service to customers around the world.

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