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The Danish Heart Association: Digital Monitoring of Defibrillators

Learn how digital monitoring of defibrillators ensures that more people with cardiac arrest can be saved when the accident is out.

About the Danish Heart Foundation

The Danish Heart Foundation is a non-profit organization and it was founded back in 1962. Their vision is “Together we win a healthier and better life for all”.  The Danish Heart Foundation is Denmark’s second largest interest organization within the area of public health, with around 130.000 members. The foundation works with research in cardiovascular diseases, prevention of heart diseases and support of patients. 

This IoT case was first published in Danish on Telenor Denmark. Image source: Hjerteforeningen


Studies show that too many defibrillators around Denmark are flawed. The reason is typically lack of maintenance, such as replacing batteries and electrodes. A defibrillator that doesn’t work can be the difference between life and death for a person with cardiac arrest. It is a large and increasing problem that only gets bigger as defibrillators in Denmark get older.


In collaboration with Hjerteforeningen, the Danish Heart Association and Seluxit, Telenor has developed an IoT device that solves the problem of defective defibrillators. The solution consists of a digital monitoring device that, with a number of sensors, monitors the defibrillator 24/7 and sends an alarm to a service technician if there is a fault on the defibrillator. Among other things, the device has an optical sensor that visually monitors whether the defibrillator is faulty or lacks power. In these cases, the communication module will send a direct message to a platform that automatically alerts a service technician.

How the Solution Works

Digital monitoring device

A digital monitoring device with SIM cards and sensors is installed in the defibrillator.

24/7 monitoring

The monitoring device continuously sends data via Telenor's network to a platform that analyzes whether there is a need for service.

Alarm for errors

A service technician will be notified directly if the defibrillator does not work.

More lives saved

The service technician repairs the defective defibrillator so that it works when it is needed.

Interesting Facts about this Solution

What sensors are installed in the monitoring device?

The device includes an optical sensor, temperature meter, acoustic sensor, and a GPS device.

Which partners were involved in the project?

Telenor has been the project’s facilitator from start to finish. Hardware and software are developed by Seluxit and the communication part of Telenor.

How long did the project take?

The project took about 9 months from Telenor presenting the idea to the Danish Heart Association until the first defibrillators with monitoring devices were set up.

At the Danish Heart Association, we are excited about the collaboration with Telenor on the new electronic monitoring device in defibrillators. Together, we have created a unit that has the potential to solve a serious and concrete societal problem.
Anne Kaltoft
CEO, Danish Heart Association


The solution ensures that defibrillators are maintained proactively so that they always work when a person suffers cardiac arrest. The digital monitoring device provides increased security and can ultimately help save more lives. The prospects in the digital monitoring device are great with 20,671 registered defibrillators and a large number of unregistered people.

In the long term it will help to break the challenge of the large number of defibrillators that do not work.

Telenor's Role in the Project


We presented the Danish Heart Association with the possibility of maintaining defibrillators with IoT.

Choosing partners

Telenor helped the Danish Heart Association select partners for the development of a unified IoT solution.

Project facilitator

Telenor provided advice and acted as coordinator throughout the project.

IoT connectivity

Telenor advised the Danish Heart Association in the choice of network and delivers the overall IoT connection.

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