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Recorded Webinar "Setting the Pace for EV Charging - Inside IONITY's Connectivity Journey”

Telenor IoT recently held a webinar on IONITY’s connectivity journey. Watch the recorded webinar here. 

Since being founded in 2017 IONITY has disrupted the EV charging industry, working to provide universal charging access to electric vehicles across the continent.

IONITY has had to keep up with the high growth rate of EV vehicles in order to remain relevant, competitive and connected.

In this webinar Telenor IoT’s Piers Teakle interviews IONITY’s Jan Haugen Ihle, Head of Northern & Western Europe, as they discuss the challenges in successfully connecting their charging stations while navigating an incredibly quick scale up of installations in the market.

The discussion explores:

• IONITY’s key to successful scalability
• How IONITY uses their data to ensure uptime at their sites
• What we can expect from IONITY and the EV charging market in the future

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