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Husqvarna: Revolutionizing Lawn Care with Connectivity

Husqvarna, the world’s leading producer of outdoor power products, is leveraging managed connectivity from Telenor IoT to transform lawn care with its new range of Automower NERA robotic lawnmowers.

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Husqvarna is a leading producer of outdoor power products, including robotic lawnmowers, chainsaws, trimmers, and other gardening tools. The company is based in Sweden and has been in operation for over 300 years.

Husqvarna’s products are designed to make lawn care and gardening easier, more efficient, and more sustainable.

Through innovation and a commitment to quality, Husqvarna has become a trusted brand among homeowners, landscapers, and other professionals who rely on their products to maintain green areas. Over three million homeowners already use its robotic lawnmowers for intelligent and convenient lawn care 24/7.

Since 2016, Telenor IoT and Husqvarna have been working closely together to bring the convenience of remote control to Husqvarna’s robotic lawnmowers.

Over time, this partnership has evolved to include a wider range of products and services. The goal of this collaboration is to leverage the power of IoT technology to enhance the performance and efficiency of Husqvarna’s products, while also improving the user experience for customers.


For years, homeowners have been searching for ways to simplify lawn care and make it easier and less time-consuming. Husqvarna’s Automower range of robotic lawnmowers have been a game-changer in this regard.

With Automower NERA, the latest product in its range of robotic lawnmowers, Husqvarna is taking it to the next level by incorporating managed connectivity provided by Telenor IoT. The result is more advanced and efficient mowers that offer customers access to unparalleled lawn care capabilities and features.

Automower NERA

Husqvarna Automower NERA is a high-tech robotic lawnmower that incorporates advanced technology to offer an efficient, sustainable, and effortless way of maintaining green areas. Equipped with next generation intelligence and sensors, the Automower NERA range easily navigates autonomously around obstacles, uneven terrains, and slopes while maintaining a consistently even cut on complex lawns up to 5000m².

One of the unique features of Automower NERA is its integration with managed connectivity and use of IoT-related technology.

The embedded SIM card connects to Telenor’s global network, allowing Husqvarna to remotely monitor and control Automower, as well as provide over-the-air updates and software upgrades, no matter where it is located. Furthermore, with a reliable connection to the Husqvarna Cloud Service, additional user value is created through smart connections to different services such as weather forecasts.


Husqvarna faces several challenges when it comes to lawn care. One of the main challenges is providing customers with a way to simplify lawn care and make it less time-consuming and difficult. This is where the company’s newly launched range of robotic lawnmowers comes into play.

However, before implementing IoT technology, Husqvarna also faced a challenge in ensuring that its new fleet of Automower NERA mowers are always connected and able to receive updates and software upgrades.

Additionally, the company wanted to provide customers with the ability to remotely monitor and control their Automower through a mobile app and also provide additional user value through cloud-based features.


To overcome these challenges, Husqvarna turned, once again, to Telenor IoT. Telenor IoT’s Managed Connectivity solution, IoT Connect, includes a SIM card embedded in Automower NERA, which connects to Telenor’s global network. This allows Husqvarna to remotely monitor and control Automower as well as deliver updates and software upgrades over the air, regardless of where the machine is located.

By embracing managed connectivity, Husqvarna is able to provide customers with a smarter and more efficient way to maintain their green areas. With remote monitoring and control, software upgrades over the air, and improved efficiency, Husqvarna is offering customers a better way to maintain their lawns.


Husqvarna AIM Technology creates a virtual map of the customer’s lawn using onboard GPS sensors – enabling high accuracy when viewing the guide wires, boundary wire and the mowers position in the virtual map. The virtual map allows the users to customize their lawn according to individual gardens changing needs.

For example, avoid certain areas for biodiversity reasons, avoid areas with newly sown grass or just adapt the cut to suit their preferences.

Once the map is created, Husqvarna registers which parts of the lawn have been covered during each mowing session. This data is then used to adjust the mower’s pattern, ensuring optimal coverage and a precise cutting result.

Automower NERA is an innovative product that demonstrates Husqvarna’s commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and technological advancements in lawn care. With global managed connectivity and IoT technology provided by Telenor, Automower NERA offers a hassle-free way of maintaining green areas, reducing the time and effort required for lawn care, and allowing users to enjoy a well-manicured lawn without lifting a finger. Anders Lindström Product Manager Residential Robotics, Husqvarna


The benefits of Telenor IoT’s managed connectivity for Husqvarna Automower NERA range are numerous. For starters, customers can now monitor and control their Automower remotely, using the Husqvarna Connect app. This means they can start or stop their mower from anywhere, adjust the cutting height, and even receive alerts if the mower leaves a predefined area. In addition, Husqvarna can deliver software upgrades and updates to its Automower NERA over the air, ensuring that customers always have access to the latest features and capabilities as well as providing additional value thanks to a continuous connection to the Husqvarna cloud service.

From a sustainability standpoint, the use of IoT technology in lawn care is a game-changer. Automower NERA is battery-driven and produces lower carbon emissions during active use compared to a traditional petrol product, while still providing the power you expect from a Husqvarna product.

Plus, with Telenor IoT’s managed connectivity, Husqvarna can ensure that Automower is always running at peak performance, reducing downtime, and maximizing efficiency.


Thanks to Telenor IoT’s managed connectivity, Husqvarna Automower NERA product is transforming lawn care with its advanced capabilities and smarter technology. With remote monitoring and control, software upgrades over the air, and improved efficiency, Husqvarna is offering customers a better way to maintain their green areas. As IoT technology continues to evolve, it is clear that the possibilities for smarter and more sustainable lawn care are endless.

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