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The Future of IoT (IoT Tutorial, Chapter 2)

Welcome to our IoT tutorial. Let’s hear what our IoT specialists have to say about the future of IoT. Explore additional insights on our comprehensive IoT tutorial page, featuring the full-length video tutorial. 

IoT is reaching into more and more areas and industries. Every day new use cases pop up in various areas from smart homes and smart cities, to connected industries.

The concept of IoT is nothing new. At Telenor, we have connected technical components to servers for more than 20 years, and we will continue to do so, assisting our customers to achieve cost savings, higher customer satisfaction, and reduced carbon footprint. 

In these interviews, Telenor IoT´s experts are covering various topics and the future of IoT:

  • What sectors will be most affected of IoT?
  • What is happening with Smart Cities?
  • What should an IoT customer do to benefit from IoT?
  • What would you recommend a business that is getting started with IoT?
  • What should a business do to benefit from IoT?
  • How can IoT contribute to a more sustainable society?
  • Why Telenor as a partner?
  • What is happening with IoT?

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